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We Always Need Coaches! 

  • All coaches must register on our website.
  • All coaches must complete and pass a background check.
  • All coaches must complete a child abuse seminar
  • The role of the coach is to instruct players in the game and be a positive role model.  Winning can not be the primary motivation for coaching.
  • Your child is guaranteed to be on your team.  You may not freeze a player other than your child.
  • Coaches may NOT play in the league.
  • Experience coaching or playing or coaching is not required.  The desire to help kids is.
  • Practice locations and times are set by the coach not the league.
  • The league is working to secure indoor practice facilities for the duration of the season.
  • Teenage coaches may earn service hours for coaching.  The league will sign for 1.5 hours for each practice and game.  See Marquise Kiffin, commissioner, for signature on service hour sheets after the season.
  • Teenage coaches CAN ONLY be Assistant Coaches. 
  • Coaches must wear the league provided coach's shirt at all games.



Coaches registration link:




Draft Rules


General Rules

1.     Every team will be randomly assigned a number. That number will correspond to a team uniform and a spot on the draft board.

2.     The coaches as a group will rate all of the players who showed up for evaluation. The coaches will also rate players who did not attend evaluations and do not have a rating from the prior year if multiple coaches know the player and are able to properly rate him.

3.     Players will be rated from 1 to 5 using full point increments. The assignable ratings are 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

4.     Players who played in the league the prior year and did not show up for evaluations will be given a rating based on the prior year.

5.     A team can have no more than two (2) freezes.

6.     If a player being frozen did not play last year and did not attend tryouts, the player will be rated a 5, unless multiple coaches from other teams know the player and are able to properly rate him.

7.     Freezes will be placed on their respective team as the teams’ first and when applicable second round picks.

8.     A player can only be frozen if a family member is registered as a coach.

9.     After all players have been rated, each coach will announce their freezes.

10.  A player will be a hat pick if:

a.     They did not attend evaluations,

b.     They do not have a rating from the previous season, and

c.     Coaches from multiple teams cannot come to a consensus .

11.  Picks for first five rounds will be in the order of the team with the lowest point total of players already on the roster. For example, if one team has two players rated a 4 (total of 8) they will pick before a team with two players rated a 5 and a 3.5 (total of 8.5), respectively. Picks will be decided in this manner until all teams have five players. A team can have six players before another team has five.

12.  Any tie in total points will be broken by whoever would pick first in a normal snake draft.

13.  Once every team has five players, the draft order will be determined in snake fashion.

14.  The Commissioner reserves the right to amend the rules as necessary to ensure a competitive balance.