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Evaluations and Drafts are schedules for April 27 at Cooper City High.  More information to follow. 


Evaluation Dates   4/27

 At Cooper City Optimist)



April 27th


Main Gym


                        -Freshman                 9:00 am          (Draft Portable A 10:00-11:30)


                        -Sophomore               10:15am         (Draft in Portable B 11:15-12:45)


                        - Boys Junior              11:30 am        (Draft in Portable B 12:45-2:15)


                        -Boys Senior              12:45 pm        (Draft in Portable B 2:15-3:15)       


                        -Girl Silver                  2:00 pm          (Draft in Portable A 2:30-3:15)


                        -Girl’s Gold                 3:00 pm          (Draft in Portable A 3:15-4:00)




Mini Gym


                        -Developmental         9:15 am         (Draft in Mini Gym)


                        -Boys Instructional    10:30 am       (Draft in Portable A 11:30-1:00)


                        -Girls Instructional    12:00 am        (Draft in Portable A 1:00-1:45)


                      -Girls Bronze             1:00 pm          (Draft in Portable A 1:45-2:30)


                        -Starter                       2:00 pm          (Draft in Portable B 3:15-4:45)